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Advantages of Pulse Heating (Hot Bar Bonding) Method

  • This method is most suitable for reliable soldering and thermo-compression because heating and cooling are done applying the pressure force
  • Good repeatability of heating temperature and time requires no skilled workers
  • Partial heating in short time allows to reduce thermal damages
  • For implement of Pb free

Pulse Heat Power Supply

Pulse Heat Power Supply

Hot Bar Soldering Machine  Displacement Type Pulse Heat TCW-DP100

TCW-DP100B Concurrency Control of Temperature and Displacement

Hot Bar Soldering Machine General Purpose Type Pulse Heat TCW-315

Most suitable for reflow soldering and Thermo-compression

Hot Bar Soldering Machine  High Power Type Pulse Heat PHU-35

High Power Type with separate power supply and transformer, suitable for mounting on automatic machines.

Reflow Head

Accessories for Reflow System Head

Accessories for use with system heads and drive units.

Drive Unit for hot bar soldering machine

Drive units for hot bar soldering machine system heads. Electric slider (motor-driven), pneumatic cylinder (air), and manual drive are available.

Reflow System Head
Reflow System Head

The reflow system head is for the Pulse Heat or the Hot Bar Soldering Machine to apply pressure and hold the object to be joined in soldering or heat caulking.

Head with Integrated Drive for Hot Bar Soldering Machine

NA-66 Reflow Head for the pulse heat or the Hot Bar Soldering Machine is an air-driven type head.

Joining Monitor

Force Monitor QC-100A

Force monitor QC-100A monitors weld head pressurization in real time. Force sensor for equipment integration is also available.

Heater Tip / Heater Tool

Force indicator

Digital Force Indicator FG-500

FG-500 is a portable digital pressure indicator. It is the successor to FG-400. Data management software for PCs is provided free of charge.

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