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Resistance Welder Transistor Models MCW-700 & MCW-750

Resistance Welder Transistor Models MCW-700 & MCW-750

The MCW-700 & 750 transistor type resistance welders are ideal for welding fine wires and micro components.
This includes applications such as parallel gap welding of ribbon material and repair of broken wiring patterns on circuit boards.

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・High Speed Linear Control: allows consistent and precise welding
・Multiple Control Modes: constant current, voltage, and power.
・High Speed Welding: improves productivity (5 shots / sec)
・Pre-Weld Check Function: reduces process sparks
・Multiple Graphic Display: simultaneous view of V, I and W waveforms

  • Linear control method:The high-speed linear control method achieves stable welding waveform with little switching noise.
Real Time Welding Wavefome Dispay
Linear control method
Switching control method

Resistance Welder Specifications

Maximum Current500A1800A
Maximum Voltage2V4V
Constant Current Mode10 - 500A10 - 1800A
Constant Voltage Mode0.001 - 2.000V0.01 - 4.00V
Constant Power Mode10 - 500W10 - 3600W
Welding Time:UP0 - 999 × 0.01ms/0.1ms
Welding Time : Weld0 - 999 × 0.01ms/0.1ms
Welding Time : Down0 - 999 × 0.01ms/0.1ms
Welding Time : Squeeze & Hold0.00 - 9.99s
Pre-checkResistant / Current
Shot / Sec.5 shots/sec.(500W 2ms)5 shots / sec.(3600W 2ms)
Limit Monitoring FunctionAverage value/Peak value of current, voltage, and power
Waveform DisplayCurrent, voltage and power
Number of Conditions15
InterfaceRS-232C、I/O、Analog output
Power Source1φ AC100 - 120V ±10%  50/60Hz(Options:1φ AC200 - 240V ±10%)
Dimensions(mm)W200 × D350 × H300(Excluding protrusions)W200 × D350 × H400(Excluding protrusions)

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