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Resistance Welder DC Capacitor Model NRW-DC150A

Resistance Welder DC Capacitor Model NRW-DC150A

The NRW-DC150A is a resistance welding machine providing direct current (DC) output via a capacitor discharge design.
The unit is typically used in combination with a hand-held or automated welding head for joining connecting semiconductor lead frames and capacitor hoop materials. The weld is made when energy stored in the large-capacity capacitor is instantly discharged to the welding head for welding.

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  • Dual Pulse Function: reduces weld spark and improves quality
  • Multiple Materials: suitable for aluminum, copper and other weld materials
  • Short, Concentrated Energy Burst: reduces deformation and burning
  • Fast Charge Time: improves productivity (welding speed 75W・S. 120 shots/min)
  • VS (Very Short) Mode: obtain peak welding current equivalent to a 200W・S type model

Resistance Welding Power Supplies Specifications

Welding TransformerBuilt-in
Stored Energy1.0-150.0  W・s
Maximum Output Power(Peak Current Value)VS Pulse 5500A (Welding time: ≒2.1ms)
S Pulse 4500A (Welding time: ≒3.2ms)
M Pulse 3600A (Welding time: ≒4.3ms)
L Pulse 2600A     (Welding time: ≒6.2ms)
Maximum Duty Cycle25W・s: 200 shots / min.
75W・s: 120 shots / min.
150W・s: 80 shots / min.
Dual Pulse FunctionEquipped as a standard specification
Squeeze Time0.00 - 9.99s
Hold Time0.00 - 9.99s
Power Source1φ AC200 - 230V ±10%  50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm)W220 × D400 × H347

Step Up Transformer

Rated Capacity2kVA
Input Voltage, Current1φ AC100V、20A
Output Voltage, Current1φ AC200V、10A
Dimensions(mm)W140 × D230 × H181(Excluding protrusions)

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