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Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN4200

Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN4200

The NRW-IN4200 inverter resistance welding model was designed to support precision weld of leads to terminal boards and leads to leads on electronic components. The built-in monitor eliminates the need for an external welding monitor. This model responds to changes during welding in real time due to the fast monitor feedback which improves the bond quality. The high stability welding current generated by the power supply is ideal for resistance welding of precision electronic parts.

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  • Multi Control Mode: constant current, voltage or power
  • Pre-Weld Check
  • Long Weld Time: maximum 3 sec
  • Graphic Waveform Display: large LCD display of welding waveform
  • Multi Parameter Monitoring
  • Welding Waveform Memory
Graphic Display of Welding Waveform

Graphic Display of Welding Waveform

Resistance Welding Power Supplies Specifications

Control Frequency2kHz
Control ModeSecondery current effective value control, Secondery voltage effective value control, Secondary power effective value control, Fixed pulse width control
Range of Output Setting Current: 400 - 4100A
Voltage: 0.400 - 4.100V
Power: 200 - 8200W
Pulse width:0.0 - 90.0%
Range of Timer Setting(ms)0.0-3000.0(Total time of UP TIME、WELD TIME、DOWN TIME、COOL TIME)
Limit Monitoring FunctionAvarage value/peak value monitoring of current, voltage, power, resistance respectively
Other Monitoring FunctionsProfile monitor, Trace monitor
Waveform Image MemoryAvairable to save 8 images(Including the last welding result)
Number of Conditions31
InterfaceRS-232C、I/O、Analog output
Cooling MethodAir
Power Source3φ AC200-230V ±10%  50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm)W170 × D350 × H265 (Excluding protrusions)
Welding transformer NT-IN4448、NT-IN4474、NT-IN4436

Resistance Welding Transformer Specifications

ModelNT-IN4474 NT-IN4436 NT-IN4448
Power Supply Voltage220V
Cooling MethodAirAirDual Use of Air or Water
Rated Capacity11kVA8.8kVA23kVA
Transformer Turns Ratio37:118:124:1
No Load Secondary Voltage8.4V17.2V12.9V
Maximum Output Current4000A
Maximum Duty Cycle5%5%5%(Air)、10%(Water)
External Dimensions (mm)
(Excluding Protrusions)

*Other transformers can also be connected. Please contact us for details

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