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Resistance welding is a method in which the welding works are heated by resistance heat generated by sandwiching the welding workpieces with welding electrodes, passing current through them, and the metal is welded while pressurizing the works.
A resistance welding machine composed of welding power supply, a weld head and an electrode. The welding power supply controls a welding current,the weld head exerts a pressure on the material to weld and the electrode provides welding current and pressurization force to the part under welding. We have been providing various kinds of welding power supplies and welding heads to meet these requirements.

Resistance Welding Products Line up

Resistance Welding Power Supplies

Resistance Welder High-reliability Inverter-type NRW-IN900P

This model is a large capacity type with 8-phase pulsation mode and maximum current of 32,000A.

Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN400PA

A model to be mounted on automated machines. Free-Selective frequency, 127-step freestyle welding profile

Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN4200

The NRW-IN4200 inverter resistance welding model was designed to support precision weld of leads to terminal boards and leads to leads on electronic components.

Resistance Welder Inverter Model NRW-IN8400A

This model features high-definition control and supports integration into automated weld system

Resistance Welder Transistor Models MCW-700 & MCW-750

Transistor type welding power supply is suitable for precise welding of superfine wires and micro components

Resistance Welder DC Capacitor Model NRW-DC150A

This model includes a dual pulse function which is ideal for tab welding of batteries.

Welding Head

Accessories for Weld System Head 

Accessories for use with system heads and drive units.

Hand Piece Type Head for Resistance Welder

Handpiece type heads for resistance welders.

Head with Integrated Drive for Resistance Welder

The NA-60A opposed type head with integrated drive unit, and the NA-184 horizontal pressure type head.

Drive Unit for Resistance Welder

Drive units for system heads. Electric slider (motor-driven ), pneumatic cylinder (air), and manual drive are available.

Welding System Head for Resistance Welding

Compact, high-performance system head suitable for precision resistance welding.

Joining Monitor

Resistance Welding Monitor QC-450

Resistance Welding Monitor QC-450 is a highly functional welding monitor.

Force Monitor QC-100A

Force monitor QC-100A monitors weld head pressurization in real time. Force sensor for equipment integration is also available.

Resistance Welding Application Equipment

Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Repairing Equipment

Equipment for pattern repair of printed wiring boards using the MCW-700 transistor type resistance welder

Welding Electrode

Welding Electrode&Resistance Weldability

Weldability and physical characteristic of each welding material and guideline for the electrode material selection are introduced.

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