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Head with Integrated Drive for Resistance Welder

Head with Integrated Drive for Resistance Welder

The NA-60A is an opposed type head with an integrated drive unit and the NA-184 is a horizontal pressure type head.

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Opposed head NA-60A

NA-60A is a general-purpose type opposed welding head.
It can be used for a wide range of applications from welding of various electronic parts, switches, relay contacts, clocks, and cameras that require reliability and precision to weld various mechanical parts.

Supplies Specifications 

Pressure Range9.8 - 132.3N
Electrode Strokemax 12mm
Depth Dimension of Pocket98mm
Drive MethodFoot*1 Air*1
Diameter of ElectrodeΦ6.4mm / Φ3.2mm
DimensionW72 x D175 x H285mm
*1 Option

Horizontal Pressure Head NA-184

NA-184 is a highly rigid weld head in which left and right electrodes are independently driven .
Independent drive of the left and right electrodes ensures stable welding in fusing and projection welding process that are prone to deformation. Load cells and displacement sensors are easy to be mounted, making it suitable for use as a head for automatic machines.

Pressure Range30 - 350N
Electrode StrokeMain Electrode max 25mm,
Sub Electrode max 15mm
Drive MethodAir
Diameter of ElectrodeDedicated Electrode
Dimension W550 x D150 x H205mm (Excluding Pre-set holder)

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