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Resistance Welding Monitor QC-450

Resistance Welding Monitor QC-450

Resistance Welding Monitor QC-450 is a highly functional welding monitor.
With a maximum sampling speed of 50Khz and a minimum welding time resolution of 0.02ms, it can be used with transistor type resistance welding power supplies as well as inverter type.

It can monitor the welding time for up to 3 seconds. It is a high performance welding monitor that can also monitor fusing.

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  • Simultaneous measurement and judgment of up to 10 items
    Current (RMS / PEAK), voltage (RMS / PEAK), weld time, displacement, pressure, conduction angle, external analog x 2
  • 2 analog inputs
    Analog signal input such as temperature sensor can be utilized
  • 2 divisional measurement
    2-stage welding is also measured and judged respectively
  • Maximum sampling frequency 50kHz
    Weld time resolution 0.02ms. It also supports transistor type welding power supply
  • Process control output function
    Hi, Lo setting and alarm output can be performed for up to 6 types of sensor input signals.
  • Displacement and pressure can be measured at the same time. Signal output is available based on set threshold.
  • Ethernet communication function is equipped as standard

Versatile monitor functions

Visualization of welding process


Measurement results (waveforms) of up to 10 items such as current, voltage, power, resistance, displacement, and pressurization are displayed.


2 items from the measurement data are selected and displayed 200 RBI continuous graphs (dots).


Measurement results (numerical values) of up to 10 items such as measured values, judgment results, and calculated values are displayed.

Supplies Specifications

MeasurementCurrent(RMS/PEAK), Voltage(RMS/PEAK), Weld time (Weld cycle),
isplacement, Pressure, Conduction angle, External analog X2
Monitor DisplayCurrent(RMS/PEAK), Voltage(RMS/PEAK),
Weld time (Weld cycle), Displacement, External analog X2
Pressure, Conduction angle, Power, Resistance, Calculated value
Waveform DisplayREAL Current, AVE Current, REAL Current, AVE Current,
Power, Resistance, Displacement, Pressure, External analog X2
Run Chart DisplayPEAK Current, RMS Current, PEAK Voltage, RMS Voltage
Power, Resistance, Displacement, Pressure, External analog x2,
Calculated value, Time
Current Measurement Range50~2,000A、100~20,000A、1,000~100,000A
Time Measurement Range0.00~3000.00ms、0.0~300.0CYC
Display5.7” color LCD touch panel
Number of Conditions255
PrinterThermal printer
InterfaceI/ODC24V NPN, PNP, and external power
Judgment output : 10 lines
Process control output : 6 lines
Memory CardCF Card
Input PowerAC100 to 240V ±10%  50/60Hz
DimensionW170 x H256 x D338mm

* Toroidal Coil / Toroidal Coil (x10) / AC Cable are sold separately
* Optional board is required for measurement of displacement・pressure. Also, sensors are separately sold.

Toroidal Coil
Toroidal Coil (x10)

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