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Digital Force Indicator FG-500

Digital Force Indicator FG-500

FG-500 is a compact and lightweight pressure indicator compatible with the TEDS function (automatic sensitivity calibration function).
Automatic calibration is performed when the power is turned on, so measurements can be taken immediately without inputting calibration values.

This digital pressure indicator is useful for adjusting head pressure for resistance welding and soldering with pulse heat, and for pre-operation inspections.

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Data display function
Displays status of pressure in waveform, bar graph, and numerical values. Color LCD screen provides excellent visibility.The result of judging whether the applied pressure is over or under can be confirmed by the color change.

Waveform display
Numerical display
Judgment display

TEDS function (automatic sensitivity calibration function)

The system reads the information from the pressure sensor when the power is turned on and completes calibration automatically.
Manual input of rated output values is no longer required, by which setting errors are eliminated.

TEDS data display screen (example)

Data collection function

800 sensor data can be stored in the main unit's memory. It is also possible to save 8 graph data

Graph list screen (example)

Multi-power supply support

Selectable AA batteries or USB bus power.


Disconnection check function
Peak hold function, etc.

Supplies Specifications

DidplayIndicator2.4" TFT color LCD display (00000 - ±99999)
Display ModeSetting screen / indicated value digital display / graphic display / recorded data list display / static strain display
LaugageJapanese / English
TerminalInputRound connector / terminal block (only one of the two can be connected)
OutputBNC connectir (D/A output)
Zeroing AdjustmentAdjustment by long-press of the button
Hold FunctionSample hold, peak hold, bottom hold, designated section hold (peak, bottom)
Data RecordingIndicated ValueMax. 300  ※Contents:ID No., date and time, mode of recording, sensor value memory No.、indicated value
Graph DataMax. 8     ※Contents:ID No., date and time, mode of recording, sensor value memory No., trigger mode, graphic waveform
TEDS functionIEEE1451.4 class 2 mix-mode interface
Power SourceAA battery, NiMH battery, USB bus power (Micro-USB B connector)
Conforming StandardCE, UKCA, FCC (Class A)
Dimension (mm)W85 x D140 x H35 (excluding protrusions)
Weight≒ 320g (including battery)

・Specification and appearance are subject to change without notice.
*Pressure sensors for FG-400 cannot be connected. Please purchase a sensor marked with (T)
ItemTJ-1A(T)TJ-20R(T) or TJ-20A(T)TJ-100R(T) or TJ-100A(T)TJ-500R(T) or TJ-500A(T)
Measuring Range0-10N0-196N0-980N0-4,900N
Critical Load20N294N1,470N7,350N
Accuracy±2%(of full scale)

Sensor Tip Shape

Data Management Software  FgDataPicker

Free PC software to manage data measured with FG-500. 
In addition to saving measurement data in CSV format, saved graph data and numerical data can be checked.

Operating Environment

  • System Requirements
    Computer with Intel Core 2 Duo processor or higher.
    2GB or more memory.
  • Supported OS
    Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
    Windows 11

Software can be downloaded from this site.

Data Management Software  FgDataPicker  Download Page

Please download the operation manual and Fg500Setup.exe.
Please read the instruction manual carefully before installation.

Cautions before the installation.
Install FgDataPicker before connecting to a PC via USB.

*By installing the software, you agree to the FgDataPicker Software License Agreement.

Operation manualf

Data management software

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