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Small Size Ultrasonic Metal Welder High-End Model

Small Size Ultrasonic Metal Welder High-End Model

Motor-driven ultrasonic metal welder suitable for joining aluminum laminated foil for lithium-ion batteries and thin harnesses. Its compact size weld head is small enough to fit in a glove box.
The amount of horn sink amount can be precisely controlled by using the displacement control function.

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  • High Frequency 48kHz / High Power 600W.
  • High Resolution Motor Drive.
  • Various Control Mode ( Time / Peake Power / Energy / External Sensor )
  • Displacement Control
  • Various Monitoring Function for OK/NG Judgement
  • Easy to read and operation by TFT touch panel
  • Low temperature bonding with reduced thermal effects
  • Spring Pressure Sync Mechanism

Displacement Control

Displacement control (Stop oscillation when it reaches to set displacement value) is available by using external sensor control function. Welding finishing appearance and welding strength can be stabilized by precise control of displacement amount of horn.


Ultrasonic Generator Specifications

Rated Output600W (Continuous Oscillation 300W)
Oscillation MethodDigital ATHMOS
Amplitude Setting30~100% (1% step)
Control ModeTime/Energy/Peak Power/External Sensor/Continuous Oscillation
Monitor (for OK/NG)Frequency/Time/Energy/Peak Power/External Sensor
Number of Program31 programs
InterfaceI/O /Analog/RS-232C/LAN/CF Card
Input PowerSingle-Phase AC100~240V±10%
Power Consumption900VA
WeightApprox. 8.5kg

Ultrasonic Head Specifications

ItemsWeld head for small-sized ultrasonic metal welder
Pressure Range60~350N
DriveMotor (resolution 1μm, driving speed 0.1~100mm/s)
Pressure MethodSpring
Displacement Sensor*optionresolution 1.6μm, Stroke 12mm
Air SupplyFor cooling:Oscillator 50L/min(0.1MPa), For horn:0.1MPa
Weight≒ 35kg

Control Box Specifications

LCD3.5 inch TFT LCD
ResolutionW320×H240 QVGA
Power InputSupplied from generator (Hot plugging)
Cable Length1.5m (Option: 5m extention cable)
DimensionW85×D125×H40mm (Excluding protrusion)

Linear Slider Drive Head Controller Specifications

Display / OperationTFT color LCD touch panel / JOG switch
Power InputAC power adaptor, Single Phase AC100~240V
SizeW120× D305 × H207 mm

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