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Ultrasonic Handheld Welder HW-D Series

Ultrasonic Handheld Welder HW-D Series

The HW-D series is equipped with peak power mode, energy control mode, general timer control mode, and a continuous oscillation mode, all of which are suitable for resin caulking.
The welding result display function makes it easy to check the welding conditions of new products as well as to check when there is a welding failure.

This compact ultrasonic spot welder can be used not only for hand-held work, but also for preventing poka yoke(fool-proofing), connecting to a shot counter, and installing on an automatic machine.

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  1. Peak power control mode equipped

    When a boss is completely crushed in process of plastic caulking, load resistance to ultrasonic vibration increases, which makes sharp increase of power (W). Stable caulking quality can be obtained by controlling to stop oscillation when specified power is reached.
  1. Supports minute work (60kHz)

    Quick welding start contributes productivity improvement.
    Suppress buckling of small size boss to contribute to higher yield.
  1. Welding result display
    Frequency, Oscillation time, Energy, Peak power
  1. External output of welding results
  2. Variable amplitude function (30 to 100%)

Ultrasonic generator Specifications

ModelHigh-end typeStandard type
Maximum output280W240W280W
Rated output250W200W250W
Continuous output180W140W180W
Oscillation methodDigital ATHMOS(Automatic frequency tracking)method
Oscillation control modeTimer, Energy, Peak power, Continuous oscillation (Selectable)
Setting rangeTimer0.01 to 10.00s (0.01s step)
Energy10 to 3000J (10J step)
Peak power*50 to 250W40 to 200W50 to 250W
OscillationValiable 30 to 100% (5% step)Fixed (100%)
Up slope50/100/200/500ms Selectable50ms Fixed
Display7 segment 4 digit LED, Status display LED
Welding result display functionFrequency(kHz), Oscillation time(s), Energy(J), Peak power(W) (Final result)
Protection functionPhase, Over current, FET, Over voltage, Over heat, Over time
InterfaceI/O, Analog
Power inputAC100 to 240V single phase, 50/60HzAC100V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption370VA300VA370VA
Environmental temprature5 to 40℃
Environmental humidity30 to 85%, No condensation

*Peak power is 5W step

Handheld unit Specifications

Transducer trigger switchPush button type
Housing casePlasticAluminum
Hanging hookYesN/A
Transducer cooling jointYesN/AYes
Output cable length2.5m
Outside diameter of grip37mmφ31mmφ

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