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Parallel Seam Sealer with Automatic Lid Placement

Parallel Seam Sealer with Automatic Lid Placement

The Parallel Seam Sealer with automatic lid placement is a seam sealing System that can precisely align LID and PKG. It can be used for a wide variety of packages, from crystal devices to large optical devices. It can also be used for packages that had previously been not possible by the seam sealing.

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  • PKG size: 2 to 150mm
  • PKG shape: Round, square, polygonal
  • Lid shape: Flat LID,Cap LID,LID with window It supports lid thickness up to 0.3 mm(model:NAW-6100)

It contributes to improve cycle time (Production efficiency)

・Automatic lid placement

・Automatic operation from lid placement to sealing.

・High speed welding (10mm/sec)

It contributes to improve yield.

  • It suppresses misalignment with high-precision lid mounting accuracy.
  • lid placement accuracy ±0.035mm(25×25mmPKG)
  • Model NAW-6100 ensures sufficient seal width to reduce leak defects.

  • It reduces heat storage and suppresses cracks.
  • Optimum control such as split sealing is available which minimizes stress.

Welding start position, end position, and electrode width can be specified by the user.

Width can be set arbitrarily

Functions can be selected according to the production method

  • Methods of lid supply
    Carrier (standard), cassette, parts feeder, manual placement
  • Annealing oven
    Placement position (left and right), number of stages, number of rows, number of pieces
  • Adding HEPA filter (Suppresses influence of particle)

Annealing oven

1 row 3 stages

2 row 14 stages

Parallel Seam Sealer Specifications 

Applicable SizeWork2mm~150mm
Welding ControllerControl MethodW Mode
Rated Capacity4kVA2kVA
Welding HeadHead Pressure3~22N2~20N
Vertical Stroke15mm
Distance between Electrode2~150mm
BoothAtmospheric ManagementBy dew point meter
Reachable Dew PointLess than 45℃
StructurePass box, Various oven chambers are available
Lid SupplySelectable from tray (Standard), cassette, parts feeder, and manual placement
Image RecognitionUnique algorithm
OperationTouch panel and hard switch
Size (Reference)W2100mm × D960mm × H2000 mm

* External dimensions can be changed by existence of annealing oven or not, etc.

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