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Vacuum Semi-Automatic Parallel Seam Sealer

Vacuum Semi-Automatic Parallel Seam Sealer

It is a semi-automatic seam sealing equipment that hermetically seals packages such as crystal & SAW devices, optical devices, sensors, and MEMS in vacuum.
This Semi-Automatic parallel seam sealer can handle rectangular package of 2-30mm size.

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  • Various Operation modes available for R&D and mass production.
  • PKG size 2~30/Rectangular
  • Easy Operation & Programming
  • Automatic program verification

Seam sealing power supply

  • Dedicated seam sealing power supply developed in-house
  • High speed and suppression of thermal effects
    Up slope and down slope electric current control function.
    Monitoring function is equipped.

High performance head 

  • Lightweight head (Min. 300gf)
  • Soft landing mechanism

Production mode

  • Standard mode
  • Fast mode
  • Teaching mode

Vacuum Oven Chamber

  • Large capacity chamber: Increased productivitye
  • High-precision heating: Improved reliability

Seam Welding Chamber

  • For low vacuum specifications: rotary pump, dry pump
  • For high vacuum specifications: Cryo pump, turbo pump

Parallel Seam Sealer Specifications 

Items Vacuum Semi-Automatic Parallel Seam Sealer
Power Source : Main BodyAC200V 3Φ 30A 
Power Source : ChamberAC200V 3Φ 30A
Air0.5MPa or more
N2 Gas0.2~0.5MPa 1~5L/min
Water0.5MPa 5L/min

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