Pulse Heat (Hot Bar Reflow) Soldering

Reflow System Head

Reflow System Head

Reflow System Head

The reflow system head is for the Pulse Heat or the Hot Bar Soldering Machine to apply pressure and hold the object to be joined in soldering or heat caulking.
Heater tip type, heater tool type, and pen type are available.

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Heater Tip Type Reflow System Head

Heater Tip Type NA-111, NA-112
  • Because of the Vertical Direct Force Application Mechanism, There is No Deflection by the Applied Force
  • Long Life is Realized by Use of a Photo Senso
Pressure Range0.7 - 5N5 - 65N
Pressure MethodSpring
StrokeIt's up to Drive Unit
Drive MethodElectrical slider (NA-201PB-B), Air (NA-221), Manual (NA-231)
Dimension W106 x D48 x H287mm W106 x D48 x H285mm

Heater Tool Type Reflow System Head

Heater tool Type NA-151, NA-152,NA-153,NA-154,NA-155

  • Provided with Air Cooling Port and Flatness Adjustment Function
  • Water Cooled Shank is Equipped as Standard (NA-154, NA-155)
  • Heater Tip can be Used by Use of a Conversion Shank
Pressure range1.2 - 7N5 - 70N20 - 150N40 - 300N100 - 600N
Pressure methodSpring
StrokeIt depends on adapted drive unit.30mm
Drive methodElectrical slider (NA-201PB-B), Air (NA-221), Manual (NA-231)Electrical slider (NA-202PB-B), Air (NA-222)Air
DimensionsW124 x D54.8 x H298mm W145 x D64.5 x H332mm W217 x D230 x H700mm
weight≒ 1kg≒ 2.2kg≒ 20.1kg

Pencil type (build-to-order) Reflow System Head

Pencil type is supports multi-point caulking and automation

Spring type (300N)

ItemSpring type (300N)
DimensionsW26.2 × D101 × H196.2mm

Spring type (65N)

ItemSpring type (65N)
DimensionsW21 × D47 × H192.1mm

Normal type

ItemNormal type
DimensionsW18 × D42 × H166.9mm

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