Assembly of Co-axial Cable

Assembly of Co-axial Cable

Pulse heat method is an instantaneous heating system where heating is made only when the solder or the plastic is melted. Because cooling and force are applied until the jointed object becomes solid, highly reliable joint can be obtained without lifting of the jointed surface.

Mass soldering of multi-pin cable can be achieved stably by temperature control of the heater tip based on the temperature feedback. We are offering equipment for various applications such as mass soldering of upper and lower ground bar, soldering of connector and core wire, and shell soldering. Over crushing of wire can be prevented by displacement feedback.

Co-axial Cable
Upper and Bottom Pulse Heat
(For Connection of the Ground Bar)
Soldering of Ground Bar
(Upper and Lower)
Soldering of Connector
Shell Soldering

Assembly of Co-axial Cable

Joining MethodPulse Heat (Hot Bar Reflow) Soldering
Processing MethodSoldering
End ProductsMobile Devices
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