Camera module assembly

Joining of camera and the FPC (driver circuit)

  • When the connection pads are arranged in matrix form, the joining area becomes large, and uniform heat and pressure distribution will be important.
  • Because of the local heating, thermal damage to the camera sensor can be kept minimum.
  • CMOS or CCD image sensors mounted on mobile phones or digital cameras become camera modules when they are gang soldered onto a FPC by the pulse heating method.
Mobile phone/module mounting
Camera module

Features of Hot Bar Reflow Soldering / Pulse Heat

When soldering or thermo-compression joining of flexible circuits, such as the TAB or the FPC, highly reliable joining can be realized without lifting up or misalignment by employing the pulse heat method where heating and cooling are conducted while the pressure is being applied.

Camera module assembly

Joining MethodPulse Heat (Hot Bar Reflow) Soldering
Processing MethodSoldering
End ProductsCamera
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